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Home by the water

Attractive apartments and town houses in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.
Living on the banks of the Wakenitz
The Waterworks was once used to treat drinking water for the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.

An attractive living space is being developed alongside the historical water tower and riverbank. The four clusters offer an extensive selection for all generations: the flats are located ‘Vörn’ in Ratzeburger Allee, whilst the family-friendly town houses go by the name ‘Baven’. The residential buildings in the ‘Mitt’ form the heart of the Waterworks development, and properties are available for sale for exclusive waterfront villas below on the ‘Kant’.

  • Baven
  • Mitt
  • Kant
  • Vörn
Baven: living above
Three-storey town houses at the upper Waterworks park entrance offer plenty of space for families.

The Waterworks grounds gently slope towards the river. The Wakenitz river flows by just below, whilst the park entrance is located above – or ‘baven’ in the city’s Low German dialect. The 19 town houses are positioned around a leafy courtyard in the middle. Some houses have their own parking space outside the front door.

kfs ARCHITEKTEN designed the town houses with flats spanning approx. 130 to 160 sqm, which are divided into 4 to 5.5 rooms. Residents can access their own garden via a large terrace, which also opens out onto the park grounds, which offer ample space for children and adults to play and relax.

Mitt: in the centre of the Waterworks
Perfect for every generation.

To the northwest, the water tower and Baven cluster border the Waterworks park, whilst the four to five-storey buildings of the Vörn cluster face the popular street. The Wakenitz river flows to the east, thus creating an oasis of calm in the middle – or ‘In ’n Mitt’ in Low German. The water was once filtered out of the Wakenitz in large pools here. Their place will be taken by the twelve residential buildings designed by three different architecture firms. Their diversity and identity are underpinned by clear architectural lines. A wide range of properties is available to buy, from the 2-room flat with a surface area of approx. 60 sqm to the 5-room flat or the penthouse that boasts breathtaking views over the treetops to the park and down to the water.

Kant: in an exclusive location
They still exist: centrally located properties with villas directly on the riverbank.

Old trees, reeds softly whispering in the breeze and the expansive surface of the flowing Wakenitz river create a special atmosphere on the banks of the Waterworks. These are the riverbank or in the Low German dialect: on the `Kant`, which make the exclusive apartments in the villas to special gems. Seen from the water together with the stately houses along the Wakenitzstraße, they form an architectural string of pearls.

Kant consists of eight villas each with two apartments on privileged properties, each approximately 800 to 1,000 sqm. Modern architecture and an extraordinary nature go hand in hand here in an incomparable living situation directly on the riverbank - in the centre of Lübeck´slovely St. Jürgen neighborhood.

Vörn: the city on one side, nature on the other
City apartments that combine views of nature with urban living.

The route from Lübeck’s popular city centre to the Waterworks takes you across Mühlenbrücke bridge and straight on – or in the Low German dialect: ‘n eensen langs na vörn’. This gives way to the name of the location that borders the Waterworks, which is also distinguished by its urban character and quick accessibility. The city on one side and nature on the other – Vörn perfectly combines what would seem to be mutually exclusive.

The designs of kfs Architekten stipulate 1.5 to 4- room flats, with living spaces measuring approx. 30 to 100 sqm. The upper storeys have balconies with a view of treetops and meadows. Ground floor residents, on the other hand, can enjoy the idyllic surroundings in their very own garden. Vörn offers the ultimate park-front living with the convenience of its city-centre location.

The Waterworks
It’s located on the sea and has a picturesque old town named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Historical background
of the Waterworks
The Waterworks was once considered as one of the Hanseatic city’s major achievements. Now, they stand for recreation and living on the waterfront.

Since the Middle Ages, Waterworks (English for ‘Wasserkunst’) has referred to a system that collects, purifies and distributes... more

The art
of pure water
Fresh drinking water.

A centrally located living space is being developed directly on the riverbank in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck. The waterworks on the park grounds... more

Privileged location
The attractive waterfront location continues to shape the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and its history to this day.
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