Hintergrund Kant Hintergrund Kant
Exclusive riverbank villas
The villas extend along the riverbank like a pearl necklace. ‘Kant’ means ‘riverbank’ in the Low German dialect – and is the name of the residential area nestled alongside the Waterworks, featuring old trees, softly whispering reeds and a large body of water.
View of the river and beyond
Seen from the park, a projection of land conceals the garden levels. The elongated properties are faced to the water, towards the east. The designs come from KPW architects and KUNST + HERBERT architects. The eight riverbank villas, each with two apartments, will be up for sales in the near future.
Intact Nature
The stylish waterfront villas are located about 50 meters from the Wakenitz, on generous properties, which reach the river out to 25 meters. Once the fresh drinking water for the Hanseatic city of Lübeck was taken, today the fauna and flora of the banks are protected by nature. Thanks to their extraordinary architecture, the modern buildings of Kant incorporate themselves harmoniously into this environment.
Why not find out for yourself?
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