Hintergrund voern Hintergrund voern
City apartments
At the front, on the urban side of the Waterworks, lies the cluster of city apartments known as Vörn. Behind the houses, however, residents can enjoy the absolutely tranquillity of their gardens or balconies with views of the expansive park grounds.
The city on one side, nature on the other
The route from Lübeck’s popular city centre to the Waterworks takes you across Mühlenbrücke bridge and straight on – or in the Low German dialect: ‘n eensen langs na vörn’. This gives way to the name of the location that borders the Waterworks, which is also distinguished by its urban character and quick accessibility. At the same time, the back of these city apartments open out onto the tranquil park with its water tower. The city on one side and nature on the other – Vörn perfectly combines what would seem to be mutually exclusive.

An urban setting amidst nature
The cluster is made up of four- to five-storey buildings that form a closed perimeter block. The building thus adopts the character of the surrounding historical residential buildings from the 19th century. Vertical joints, shades of colour on the facade walls, projections and bay windows make each property unique. The designs of kfs Architekten stipulate 1.5 to 4- room flats, with living spaces measuring approx. 30 to 100 sqm. The upper storeys have balconies with a view of treetops and meadows. Ground-floor residents, on the other hand, can enjoy the idyllic surroundings in their very own garden. Vörn offers the ultimate park- front living, whilst simultaneously exuding urban inspiration with the convenience of its city- centre location.